Massage Therapy

A Massage is defined as the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Using various techniques, Massages are used to; enhance function, aid in the healing process, promote well-being, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability and assist in relaxation.

Our philosophy on massage therapy has been known for centuries, it is profound, yet simple. We are fluid creatures and we need movement on large and small levels along with acceptance in the form of touch that is safe and healing. 

Offering Massages in Whitefish, Montana we understand your pain as we live in an area with unlimited outdoor activities. After a long day at Glacier National Park a massage can relax and help you get ready for the next day of exploration. From hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing we love the outdoors and sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with our minds. A massage is a great follow up to long days skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort or even long drives in your car. With our therapeutic ways and a wide variety of modalities, we can help you relieve those sore muscles, stressful shoulders, tight necks and long awaited vacation planning relief.


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